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Yeager, Jeanne


Hi. I'm Jeanne Yeager. We're on the corner of Blair and Mary. And we can't get out of our driveway in the morning or in the evening during the rush hours, and we simply don't want any more traffic.

I represent a lot of the disabled, disabled community programs. We have a show called On the Move and it's on today. On the Move is about people keeping on the move regardless of a disability or special need. We have a show on this week on KT -- well, special channel 26 on cable in Sunnyvale. And you can hear about the statistics of Breathe America, Lung Association that say that the type of pollution that's happened with diesel fuel and with the pollution in the air is going to hurt our children in the future. And it doesn't help my husband's emphysema now. And we're just very concerned about what will happen to Sunnyvale with this pollution and type of thing going on.

Now, another element that we haven't discussed, if a person has a visual problem on Almanor, the street that is the side street that goes Mary to Almanor to get to 101. Now, if you use the bridge for going to Lockheed, that's lovely. If you're going to Juniper or to the new towers, that's lovely because they can get to their businesses. But what about the people that decide, well, I'm going to go down Mary Avenue and I want to get to 101. Well, they still have to go back to, guess where, Mathilda. So we have not solved any of the traffic problems on Mathilda at all. When you think about the fact that, guess what, they’re not all going to go to Lockheed.

So I also have a worry about people who are on -- the Parkinson's Foundation just reconstructed their site for their foundation on Almanor, without any knowledge of the fact that there will be a new traffic flow. These are people that have special needs. They will have problems crossing across the street. They will need to have people on the corner of Almanor which enters onto Mathilda. There is a group called Sensory Access. It's a foundation for people who are visually impaired. And these are people that are going to have to cross across the street to get here. And this is going to be a traffic problem for the people that use the bus on Mathilda getting over to these traffic lanes.

Now, if in fact this does go through, and it probably will go through, with the idea that these are people that will need special accommodation, think about the fact that we need sound beeper, lights. Anywhere these people will be trying to access from Mathilda on a bus to Almanor, activities for the Parkinson's Foundation, for people with visual impairments. And I want you to think about the fact that these are services for the disabled. The ADA says you should have accommodation for people with special needs. And I hope they'll think about that when they're adding all of these different traffic things on Mary and Almanor.