Comments on EIR:

Friedman, Barry

Grant, Pat

Hendricks, Glenn

Skewes-Cox, Amy

Henson, Alexander

Whittum, David

Comments about MAEP

Boehm, Jan

Staats, Debbie

Yeager, Don

Yeager, Jeanne

 is your most complete source of information on the City of Sunnyvale, CA,  proposed Mary Avenue Extension (MAE) (Bridge, Overpass, whatever), its Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and the litigation seeking to decertify the EIR. Home 

Mary Avenue Wiki

MAE -- The Project and EIR's in General Comments about the EIR Comments about the MAEP City Council Meeting 10/28/08 and start of Litigation The Litigation Continued (Under Construction)



Friedman, Barry

Grant, Patrick (Pat)

Hendricks, Glenn

Skewes-Cox, Amy (Independent CEQA Consultant)

Henson, Alexander (CEQA attorney)

Whittum, David (CEQA pro-se plaintiff) (see discussion under MAE--The Project

If after reviewing this web site and the Mary Avenue wiki, if you should want to make a contribution towards the costs of litigation to de-certify the Mary Avenue Extension Project Environmental Impact Report (EIR), which contribution we expect to be largely if not totally refundable after successful litigation, you should prepare a check payable to the Law Office of Alexander T. Henson, and mail it to the Law Office of Alexander T. Henson, 13766  Center Street, Suite 27, Carmel Valley, CA  93924.  You should make the notation "MAEP -web" on your check.